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Title: Offline Track Update + Talent file update
Post by: MS7XWDC on April 27, 2011, 03:01:46 pm
by: Danlinfin  in the DOWNLOADS section above

These are updated .gdb files for OFFLINE racing only. use the OFFLINE TRACK PACK in the Menu to utilize these

I have changed qualifying time to 30 minutes. This allows the AI cars to
get on track and post times, as 10 minutes stopped some cars getting on track.
Most importantly you should find them using 2 different types of tyre.

 They will first go out on the harder compound then the softer so it's fun
watching the times come down which makes you battle to the end.
 Unfortunately this is the closeset we can do to qualifying in rFactor.

Some cars may not go out again.

Furthermore, I have updated the pitstop strategies to 2011 names. I would be
interested in any feedback on this as I am not sure yet how these new
compounds behave.

Happy Driving

P.S. Feel free to change values if you want, just share if you find something

Talent files also updated